John Mayer Blames His Style Mishaps On Heavy Drinking, And His Honesty Is Pretty Brave

We all have those style moments in our lives we'd care not to relive, but most of us blame them on our age, or current celebrity style icon (Lizzie McGuire was responsible for some bad crimped hair back in the day), but John Mayer blames his style mishaps on something a little less innocent: drinking.

He may be gorgeous, but the musician hasn't always made A+ choices when it comes to his fashion (think: fur coats, purple velvet suits, and a phase where he more closely resembled Johnny Depp than himself), but Mayer opened up to GQ magazine, revealing heavy drinking was behind his wack-a-doo style choices. "Sometimes in life you just don't want to be recognizable to yourself. A lot of people get f--ked up for that reason. I was drinking—I was drinking a whole hell of a lot," he said.

It's a pretty brave thing to admit, and almost makes you feel bad for ripping on his attire back in the day (although that coat was pretty bad, though). But John didn't stop there. Not only did he want to be unrecognizable to himself, but he also dressed in so many layers out of necessity. "I was heavy, and layers favor the heavy man…Wearing layers is sort of like—just trying to get out of it by way of subterfuge. And then you get healthy again, and you put on your white tee and jeans and you're like bam!"

It all makes sense now.

Images: Getty Images; donnanixon16/Twitter