Craziest Hour Ever on 'Ravenswood'

This episode of Ravenswood was completely bananas. Like, seriously, just the craziest hour of TV I've seen on ABC Family in a long time. (Maybe if the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special was at Ravenswood level, we wouldn't have so many disappointed fans. But I'm not bitter or anything... )

Where to start? How about with the fact that Miranda just can't seem to ever catch a break? Miranda thinks she's found heaven with her parents, but it's not all that it seems. Miranda's parents are taking care of a little ghost girl named Max, and while she appears innocent enough, Caleb has a terrible feeling that this little girl is looking to hurt Miranda. And you know how things are with Caleb — that dude is really savvy when it comes to people with bad intentions.

Caleb, Olivia, Luke, and Remy are on the hunt for more clues about the curse. The box of stuff that Henry, Caleb's great Uncle, left included a set of blueprints and letters from Caleb to Miranda. (That's the OLD Caleb and Miranda, the ones from the gravestone. I know, it's super confusing). It turns out that — surprise! — Miranda and Caleb were in love.

Though you would think that the teenagers would put their love lives on pause for just one second in order to deal with the whole "ghosts-wanting-to-kill-them" thing, none of them want to do that. In fact, this week was all about the relationship drama: Luke and Remy fought about their fight from last week, Caleb and Hanna talked (on the phone, boo) about how much they loved/missed each other, and Olivia and the boyfriend-that-I-forgot-existed, Dylan, rekindled their flame after spending time apart post-Miranda's death. I guess you just can't stop puppy love, no matter how haunted your town is.

I knew that Ravenswood was a creep-fest, but this week really took the cake. The teens decide to explore the basement of the blueprints and realize that it was a former bank. They notice that a secret room has been sealed off. They decide to take a sledgehammer and knock down the wall. What is hidden behind the wall? Well, that would be TWO DEAD BODIES. Bodies that sealed themselves behind the wall so that they could sacrifice themselves in order to bring back the Original Miranda and Caleb back from the dead and break the Ravenswood curse for good.

Because this is oh-so-disturbing already, Caleb and his friends head for Miranda's family's old home in order to look for Miranda. But when they arrive, it's not MIranda who greets them, but the ghost girl, Max. (Apparently ABC Family is a big fan of putting blonds in red coats, because this girl could totally be Ali from PLL, fun-sized). Max starts singing "Ring Around the Rosie" and laughing and being just the creepiest thing in the entire world, because of course.

Caleb finds Miranda and tells her that Max is totally evil (duh) and that she's out to get her. He also tells her the sad truth: Max hijacked her thoughts, and that her parents were never actually with her. She wasn't in heaven — just a beautiful, tragic illusion. Sigh.

The ghosts don't like Caleb bringing the real talk, so they start shaking up the house. Caleb escapes, but falls into the yard through the secret door he found in Miranda's closet. Apparently, the fall was pretty bad, because it caused Caleb to temporarily die. But Miranda tells him that, as much as she'd like him to stay with her, he can't — not yet, anyway. He gets pumped back to life and awakens in the hospital, surrounded by Luke, Olivia, Remy, and Olivia's boyfriend, Dylan.

Now here's the craziest part of this entire episode (and show, for that matter). Dylan sees the ghost girl, Max, walking along the halls of the hospital. He begins to follow her into a dark room. While we're worried about Dylan getting attacked by this demon ghost girl, it turns out that isn't exactly going to happen. Because, get this: Dylan is in on the ghost girl's plan. That's right, we've got another case of the EzrAs.

It's been five solid episodes of Ravenswood, and I have to say that I'm actually really bummed to see it end for 2013. Here are my questions going into the new episodes, set to air after Pretty Little Liars in January:

1) Are Collins and Ms. Grunwald fighting for good or for evil? I mean they're both fantastically creepy, but it's unclear exactly where they lay on the Evil Spectrum.

2) Seriously? Are we supposed to believe that Miranda and Caleb are destined to be together? Because I ship Haleb and will always ship Haleb.

3) Will Miranda ever be brought back to life? Granted, her body is probably decaying in a box somewhere, but if it can happen on American Horror Story: Coven, I'm not so sure that we'll be seeing the last of Lady Caleb.

4) Why, Dylan, WHY?!? (Okay, I'll be honest, I kind of forgot that Olivia even had a boyfriend before this episode, but this one hurts all the same)

Image: ABC Family