Little Girl Rocks Awesome Eye Patches Drawn By Her Dad, And You Are Not Ready For Their Cuteness — PHOTOS

Hello, dad of the year. Prepare to have your uterus fall out of you and onto the floor as you squee with all your maternal instincts and erect a lady boner for Dads Who Care when I introduce you to father Geoff Grubb, who, every single day, draws pictures for his daughter's eyepatch. I mean, have your fallopian tubes exploded from over-ovulating yet? Because I'm pretty sure mine have. Even if you don't have ovaries, or maternal instincts, or a heart, you'll grow all of those, and then they'll explode, when you see this. The Chicago-area father, hell bent on making daughter Layla's medical condition (a small cataract in her left eye) into a fun, fantastical event, takes the time to do just that. He even chronicles his efforts on @laylaspatches on Instagram. And Layla seems just a pleased as pudding about it.

Layla has to wear the nude colored eyepatch for two hours a day, and I'm guessing that thanks to her dad, those are the two most fun hours of her day. She's been wearing them since she was eight months old, and will likely continue to wear them until her fifth birthday. That's a lot of daily drawings, so hopefully dad has an illustrative imagination, especially since he's said in interview that he doesn't want to repeat designs. Since gaining fans on Reddit, Geoff was inspired to start the Instagram to let us all in on the fun. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Care Bear countdown!

This would have been everything to 5-year-old me.

2. Clever girl

3. Link-ed in

4. Eye booger!

5. Matching cupcake

5. Half Michaelangelo

6. She could be Boo

7. Honey please!

Images: LaylasPatches/Instagram