Watch This Giraffe Head Sing "Let's Get It On" So Sensually That You Might Just Change Your Species For Him — VIDEO

Everyone's got their thing, and that's chill. Like, if you're British, your thing might be spanking. Not sure what qualifies a person as more likely to find giraffes effective aphrodisiacs, but...It's probably somebody's thing. Are you that somebody? If so, you're in luck. Here is a man dressed as a giraffe singing Marvin Gaye because why the hell not? Everyone needs a hobby, and if this hobby turns you on, cool.

Although I won't judge anyone for anything sexual they're into as long as it's consensual, I gotta admit I'm a wholly vanilla sex person myself. Not that one way is better or worse than the other, it's just different. So with mostly traditional banging experience under my belt, I feel unqualified to explain the appeal of giraffes performing soul classics. I have never had a person don an ornate giraffe costume complete with moving lower jaw and dramatically interpret "Let's Get It On." Maybe this means I'm not living my best life, or I only date people who are clearly not trying hard enough to make a show of their favored foreplay (music and African wildlife together, apparently). That all just seems to suggest the partner(s) of this giraffe person is/are that much luckier. I mean...


OK. For further context, scope the whole thing:

Seb Mayer on YouTube

Say giraffes and Marvin aren't your bag. That's fine and probably not that unpopular of an opinion. Try instead these other animals paired with the musical legend and see if that does anything for yah:

~Sexy Cat~

Cat Williams on YouTube

Nice massage moves, at least.

~Sexy Dog~

sammirae33 on YouTube



darche8 on YouTube

...sorry, guys. I give up. I'm moving on now.

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