Watch Millennials Discuss Boobs Versus Butts, Because Even If One Wins The Battle, It Will Never Win The War — VIDEO

My mum always says my generation "doesn't know real struggle," but I beg to differ. I mean, imagine living in a world where it's unclear which is the better body part: boob or butt. Boobs (along with midriffs) were big (pardon the pun) about a decade ago, but in recent years it's been all about the butt. So when it comes to society's preference of female body parts, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Elite Daily's "Generation Why" asks a bunch of women and men if they prefer boobs or butts, and to be honest, I was ready to hate this when I first clicked on it. But the more I watched, the more I felt like it might not be a matter of totally objectifying women—it's just that so much of the media is geared to butt related imagery, questions like this are kind of inevitable. Yes, I'm resigning myself to the state of the world we live in. I'm tired of always being mad.

I think when we're talking about women, it's better to have women talking about women too. The video isn't entirely offensive because it has women giving their preference as well, with many of them extolling the virtues of the things they like about their own bodies. Which really makes me happy, because self-love, especially as a woman plagued with so many stupid questions like these, is really important. The video also doesn't aim to tell us what the ideal female body looks like, it's just talking about people's preference to body parts. If it were saying "have boobs or butt that looks exactly, perfectly like this," I might be more annoyed. Ignoring male preference (because as one guy puts it, guys just like vagina, and anything else is a bonus), here are some of the nice things women had to say about boobs, butts and their bodies:

1. Self-loving

2. It's not a competition

3. More self-love

4. And even more demonstrative self-love

Watch all the unabridged opinions below:

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