15 Fourth Of July Recipes You Don't Have To Grill That Are Still Perfect For A Cookout

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According to pretty much everyone, the Fourth of July is all about grilling everything you can get your hands on. Grill fruit! Grill pizza! Grill doughnuts! If you don't have a grill, you might end up feeling pretty inadequate. Not to worry, though — there are plenty of Fourth of July recipes you don't have to grill, and your lack of charcoal doesn't have to hold you back from contributing to your friends' barbecues. (Or eating great food while just hanging out on your back porch watching the fireworks.) None of these recipes require a grill. Some of them don't even require an oven or stove, which is a definite plus on super hot days. So get ready to celebrate America's birthday in the most American way: with food.

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