Andy Cohen Did WHAT With Lady Gaga's Pee?!

So, let's assume that you have a hit show on Bravo, and one episode, Lady Gaga stops by as a guest. Great. Now, let's assume that your studio doesn't have dressing rooms, and Lady Gaga can't find a bathroom, so she ends up peeing in a garbage can. What do you do? If your answer was leave it because ew, then you are clearly not Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen, who did just the opposite when this exact scenario happened: In an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, Andy Cohen explained that he turned Lady Gaga's urine into perfume after collecting it from a garbage bin that she peed in on the WWHL set when she couldn't find a bathroom (to be fair, Jezebel pointed out that Gaga was very drunk at the time).

"She can pee wherever she wants, as far as I’m concerned," Cohen explained, before continuing that he felt Gaga's pee was a "pop culture artifact" that should be preserved for future generations to... well, I'm not sure what their reaction is supposed to be, exactly, but my guess is thinly veiled disgust. Who does this?

"I go, 'you know, we could bottle that up and put it somewhere in the clubhouse, that's kind of major,'" Cohen continued. Apparently when the staff discovered that urine is toxic, they had her pee turned into perfume with alcohol to preserve it, because that's what normal people do. Hope there's never an earthquake!

You can check out the clip below. Also, if you're interested, here's Gaga's full appearance on WWHL this past September.

Image: NBC