Katy Perry Tries to Get Serious with New Video

The newest music video from Prism is here, and it looks like everyone's favorite California gurl is all grown up. Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" premiered on MTV, and while it didn't come off quite as artsy as Perry seemed to be hoping, it's definitely a step in the right direction — which is far, far away from Teenage Dream.

Yes, it was a fun album and I sang along to "Firework" just like everyone else, but I was also very excited to see what looked like a darker Perry in all of the lead up to Prism. Now with "Unconditionally," Perry is showing us her new look and while not perfect, it's worth paying attention to where she's headed.

The video is clearly Perry's attempt at being artsy. There's no real story or funny little moments, instead it's almost a montage of unconnected images. The only recurring theme is a sense of being taken back to a different time, that flows through scenes of Perry surrounded by waltzing couples in the snow and a ballroom, and an assortment of people around a bed that eventually lights on fire.

It's all very beautiful, including Perry, who is much more covered-up than we're used to seeing her and still looks absolutely amazing. In the snow, she sings draped in pearls and a long white gown, and we also see her from just the neck up, with a bright orange and red collar. But she's at her most stunning in an emerald-green, velvet gown, embellished with diamonds. It may make absolutely no sense that she's holding an owl or suddenly running, but she looks beautiful doing it.

If this is the Perry that comes with Prism, I'm on board. The whipped cream boob canons were fun and all, but that whole image got old. Sure, this more mature, old-Hollywood glamour Perry could be just as much of a gimmick, but it's one that let's her show off a different side of her voice and stand out from the sea of female pop stars.

"Unconditionally" may not have fully completed Perry's latest transformation, but it's a solid step towards her latest image that gives fans something more solid to hold onto than cotton candy clouds.