Good Humor Launches Ice Cream Trucks That Can Be Summoned With a Tweet, But Will It Catch On?

If you're a fan of ice cream trucks, you're in luck. The Good Humor truck is back, and it's going on a tour of the Northeast — 21st century-style. So instead of running after the sound of tell tale music wafting through your neighborhood, you'll find them on Twitter — and in your neighborhood playing rock 'n roll. Basically even though Good Humor has been around for 95 years, they're still interested in mixing it up.

Good Humor used to operate ice cream trucks, but retired the fleet in the 1970s (though you can still buy Good Humor products from other ice cream trucks). Now, their new trucks will be visiting New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Boston this summer hoping to attract a younger demographic and update their image. And if you're craving ice cream while they're in town, you can get them to pay you a visit by tweeting @GoodHumor on Twitter.

"It resembles the nostalgic truck of the past … but it has modern nuances that bring us technologically, and also experientially, into the 21st century," said Nick Soukas, director of ice cream at Good Humor's parent company Unilever. The move comes at a time when Good Humor's grocery sales are declining. So will it be enough to make the company more attractive Millennials and boost their sales?

Who's to say. I know that I personally am pretty ambivalent about the idea of using Twitter to get ice cream samples. For me Twitter isn't really a place where I go in order to get products — more like where I share what's on my mind and keep up with what the rest of the world is thinking about. But there certainly might be people out there who like the idea of being able to attract an ice cream truck with a tweet.

The good thing about it being on Twitter, though, is of course that Twitter is public. So we should be able to see the results.

Image: Good Humor/Facebook; Giphy