13 Patriotic Items Of Clothing From American Brands To Get You Ready For Independence Day

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Feeling patriotic this summer? Or need some patriotic clothing inspiration for that Independence Day family picnic coming up? Consulting firm Brand Keys recently conducted a customer survey to assess which American brands are the most patriotic, according to consumers.

Out of the top picks, several fashion labels hit the mark. Ralph Lauren came in as the top clothing manufacturer at #4 with Levi Strauss right behind them at #5. New Balance and Coach tied at #14 with L.L. Bean ranking #18 and Converse at #25.

So if you're feeling a little red, white, and blue, here's a roundup of some of the best patriotic merchandise currently available from these brands. Go ahead and feel yourself get caught up in the Americana vibe, complete with a little Bob Dylan and Bud Light.

Images: Courtesy Brands

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