9 Dessert Themed Fashion And Accessories To Get Your Mouth Watering For Sweets This Summer

As I write this, my birthday has just passed, and I couldn't help celebrating the occasion by rounding up some of my favorite candy themed clothing and accessories on the market this season. There's nothing like sweets and desserts to get you in a happy, candy-fondant, sugary-sweet mood, and there is plenty of cake and ice cream to go around for everyone in the fashion industry.

These nine pieces will almost melt in your mouth, and you'll likely not only want to wear them but also go out immediately for some IRL ice cream. It is summer after all, and we deserve to have a little fun with our clothes and our favorite summertime treats.

Cake Print Mirror Compact

Your handbag needs a little sweetening up this summer with this adorable compact from Forever 21. You can also complete the collection and get the same print in a makeup bag and a hairbrush. Sweetness overload!

Cake Print Mirror Compact, $4, forever21.com

Ice Cream Patterned Tank Top

Even though it’s a men’s tank, this ice cream themed top is a must have for either gender with its yummy appeal. Perfect to slip over your bathing suit this summer or just for those incredibly hot days out in town.

Patterned Tank Top, $13, hm.com

Ice Cream Spoon Necklace

OK, this is probably the ultimate accessory to have this summer. It doubles as a necklace and your new favorite way to scoop out your preferred ice cream flavors. Party trick, anyone?

Chums Ice Cream Spoon Necklace, $10, urbanoutfitters.com

Knotted Headwrap

Keeping with the ice cream theme, this adorable headwrap will keep your hair out of your face as you gobble up all those yummy desserts!

Ice Cream Print Knotted Headwrap, $4, forever21.com

Candy Print Bikini Top

Hurry! ASOS Curve has this plus size bikini top currently on sale, and it’s the ideal sweet top for sweet summer girls.

Twist Bandeau Bikini Top, $10, asos.com

Dessert Ankle Socks

Combine ice cream and cupcakes with these adorable socks. Even in the summer, I love lounging around the house in a baggy tee and socks. Who says your tootsies can’t get cold in the summer?

Dessert Ankle Socks, $2, forever21.com

Ice Cream Crossbody Bag

With a bag big enough to pack some serious sweets (OK, and maybe the normal handbag stuff, too) this little ice cream cone is sure to get noticed this summer.

Skinnydip Ice Cream Crossbody Bag, $45, asos.com

Dessert Robe

If you aren’t already ready for that midnight snack on your own, slipping on this robe after your evening bath will certainly do the trick. Might work nicely for those cool evenings by the pool, too.

Plush Dessert Print Robe, $17, forever21.com

Ice Cream Trench

You might not be too down about a rainy summer day with this cute rain coat that folds up into its own little zip-up bag for easy storage once the sun comes back out.

Rain Pac A Trench, $45, asos.com