Here's What Actually Happens In The Girl's Bathroom (Hint: Literally Everything Except For Peeing)

Women are often asked why they need to go to the bathroom in packs, which is typically met with a "We just DO" kind of response. It has remained a mystery (though, to be fair, not a particularly good or exciting mystery) until now. The veil has been lifted, thanks to our friends at BuzzFeed, who wanted to let you know exactly what happens in the girl's bathroom. (Spoiler alert: It's a lot of love related gossip and ladies asking for gum.)

The fact is bathrooms are not actually sacred spaces—we just need to get away from you all somehow, so that's where we seek refuge. Is that so crazy? What this video does, more than anything else, is debunk myths. It's like a modern day myth buster on YouTube. These ladies of BuzzFeed are about to tell you all the $h*t that actually goes on in the ladies room. After watching, I can tell you that the moral of their story is that what you need to have a good time at a party is a few good friends and at least a semi-clean public restroom. End of list. That's all ya need folks. Good booze is just an added bonus.

Here's a few things that will 100% happen in a girl's bathroom:

Makeup application


Important communication

Life talks

Watch the full video here (and if you're a lady, relive every bathroom experience you've ever had):

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