What Does Your Lipstick Color Say About You?

Who would've thought that the shade of lipstick you wear could say so much about where you're from? A study has revealed the most popular lipstick shades for various cities across the globe, and it's pretty eye-opening. The study was carried out by Heathrow Airport and is called the International Lipstick Color of The Year Report. From London to Hong Kong and even Las Vegas, the report encompasses 49 different cities, each with its own unique popular lip color. It isn't just pink or red either — there are extremely subtle differences in the shades, which require a meticulous eye. For example, some would confuse Bangkok's pale pink lip with Grand Cayman's nude pink.

Besides looking at all the pretty colors, the study provides super interesting information. And with this information, Heathrow Airport plans to have a display of lipsticks that are hand-carved to take the shape of the world's five most visited landmarks: Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Shanghai's Tower, and the Statue of Liberty — or as Heathrow calls it, "Statue of Liperty." Cute.

Behind all the detailed handy work is Hedley Wiggan, who used tiny metal tools to carve each lipstick color's respective landmark. If you're traveling around this summer, the lipsticks will be on display at Terminal 5 inside Heathrow airport. Check out to see what shade is popular where you live:

Oh, and take a look at Wiggan carving the "Statue of Liperty."

Image: @NikiPilkington/Twitter