7 Rainbow Hairstyles From Instagram, Because There's Never Been A Better Time To Go Bold With Your Locks

The Supreme Court has ruled gay marriage bans illegal, and there's no better way to celebrate than with some awesome hair. Wild waves and colorful curls are the perfect way to show your pride this summer. Tired of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Try out some rainbow hair that will show your true colors and be sure to go down in history.

The bright colored hair trend may be popular with celebrities, but it's totally doable for us Normals as well. Whether you're looking to keep it simple or be loud and proud, there are as many different ways to land the trend as there are people to try it. You can even go the super temporary route with hair chalk if you're afraid of commitment.

From short, spiky, colorful cuts to long flowing waves in rainbow hues, this look knows no boundaries. The path to seriously enviable strands is only a dye job away, and some of the best bright hair comes in the most unconventional forms. Opt for just one of your favorite rainbow colors, or combine them all for a seriously stunning look. A little color never hurt anybody, so sit back and let these boldly colored fashionistas take your breath away. Here are seven Instagrammers to gain inspiration from today.

And while you're at it, why not check out this rainbow cake recipe. Don't let the celebration stop with your hair!

1. Halfway hued

This fashionista shows that a little color goes a long way.

2. Overloaded ombré

Give the summer ombré look a twist by adding lots of color.

3. Soft and sweet

This soft rainbow is giving me severe hair envy.

4. Brightly colored braids

This looks steps it up a notch with a beautiful braided bun.

5. Loud and proud

The brighter the better with this bold hair trend.

6. Perfectly pastel

Pack just tons of color in one look while going a bit more muted with a soft, pastel hairstyle.

7. Ultimate underlights

I love the bits of her natural hair color showing between rainbow stripes.

Images: Ekatena, Insignia Hair & Day Spa, miss_kookee, Palina Berisha, Lila Regenbogen, Milcah, Ruby Devine; Instagram