5 Crossover Couples That We Want to See

Big news for 2000s teens and tweens, two of our favorite teen-drama stars are on their way to becoming husband and wife! Yes, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are engaged and it's the most glorious news those of us who lived vicariously through Blair Waldorf/wanted to date Seth Cohen. I feel like I'm living in a crossover episode of The O.C. and Gossip Girl (a girl can dream). Now that we've officially come to terms with the fact that though Summer Roberts was the only true love for Seth, we can accept his choice to tie the knot with Blair—they make a pretty damn cute couple after all. But what about the rest of our favorite characters from our teen years, don't they deserve to find crossover love too? Here's five other crossover couples that would make our hearts swell and jump for joy:

Peyton Sawyer and Jess Mariano

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"Caaaan you feel the angst tooooonight." But actually, probably two of the most angst-y characters on One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls respectively. The two of them also caused so many problems in other people's relationships. (Jess broke up Rory and Dean, Peyton broke up Brooke and Lucas...twice!) Even though we can admit that Lucas and Peyton belonged together, these two would be a match made in our most punk heaven. Jess even wrote a book (we know how much Peyton loves a good best-selling writer).

Jimmy Brooks and Marissa Cooper

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They'd bond over their hardships and Jimmy would inspire Marissa to not be such a crybaby. Because having your name dragged through the mud of Orange County isn't nearly as difficult as getting shot point blank and ending up paralyzed. Jimmy may have even been able to stop her from becoming a depressed alcoholic. Either way, they'd undoubtably have some philosophical conversations along their romantic way.

Matt Saracen and Brooke Davis

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I fantasized about dating Matt Saracen as soon as he was made starting quarterback on Friday Night Lights. He's a little goofy, accidentally romantic, and absolutely adorable. I also still wish I could wake up tomorrow morning and be Brooke Davis. And she would totally fall for him in a second.

Serena van der Woodsen and Bradin Westerly

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Golden boy, golden girl, golden couple. There's no doubt Serena would've been drawn to Summerland's bad boy if not for his emotional instability, but at least for his partying. She could soothe his aching heart or they could just tear up the beach with their sun-kissed skin and hair.

Ryan Atwood and Joey Potter

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Joey never had any idea what the hell she was doing. She went from relationship to relationship like a human pinball before ending up with Pacey. Ryan would set his sights on Joey and not give up until she was as convinced as he was that they belonged together, because that's why Ryan always did and she would totally fall for it. He's also tough as hell and she needs that.