At What Point Does Netflix Know You Too Well?

When I sign on to my Netflix, if I scroll down to "Top Picks for Maya," here's what Netflix suggests I watch: Bloodline, Scandal, The League, One Tree Hill and Parenthood. Going off that, Netflix presumably knows that I'm a 20-something female who likes to watch 30 minute sitcoms (and perhaps it also assumes that I have a boyfriend who might like The League—which is false, by the way). The point is Netflix has a lot of information on us. And BuzzFeed will tell you exactly what happens when Netflix knows you too well. (As you can probably guess, it's about to get cah-reepy up in here.)

To a certain extent, Netflix really does tailor picks to your ~current mood~. If I were going through a break up, it would probably recommend movies that are in a similar category to Dirty Dancing and Benny and Joon. (Not that I'd ever need the suggestions because I'd be too damn busy watching Benny and Joon on repeat and singing "Hungry Eyes".) So what if Netflix really did have all the intimate details from your life? If Netflix knew everything about your life scenario, here are a few categories that would pop up in the "Recommended For You" section:

Slapstick Comedies About Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend When He's Not Ready To Commit

Movies About Unsupportive Roommates

The Best Kind Of Movies Of All

Watch the full video to see exactly how well Netflix knows you:

Maybe it's time to use someone else's username.

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