This Illustrator's IG Will Make You Want To Travel

It seems like anything can make you Instagram-famous today, but some artists truly do deserve the fame. Shamekh AlBluwi's fashion illustrations are making the rounds on the internet, and they'll definitely encourage you to travel the world. The Jordanian artist posts drawings of clothes and models all the time, but his latest series uses the natural world to create amazing patterns.

Albluwi draws models wearing dresses of his own design, then cuts out the clothes and takes photos of him holding the drawings up to different backgrounds. The photo above utilizes a skyline to create a sky blue crop top and patterned skirt combo that I want to add to my real wardrobe. I also need a beauty tutorial stat so someone can teach me how to recreate his drawing's voluminous, yet effortless ponytail.

The artist's drawings are are really sweet reminder that there's beauty around us all the time if we look for it. The backgrounds he picks are so beautiful, I initially thought he painted them himself. Some of my favorite photos are the ones he took using the same dress pattern. The background changes every time, so it's interesting to see what colors and patterns he's going to find next.

Albluwi posts drawings every day, but the ones he adds to Starbucks cups caught my eye. Can you imagine if he were a barista and handed you your latte in one of these cups?

The drawings he posts are so cool, this is definitely one Instagram you need to follow.

Image: Shamekh AlBluwi/Instagram