Zendaya's 2015 BET Awards Shirt Dress Is The Definition Of Blinged-Out

Being an 18-year-old often includes dealing with people that don't take you very seriously. And I'm hoping that Zendaya's 2015 BET Awards sparkly shirt dress will finally give everyone the proof they need to realize that she's way beyond her years. The recent high school graduate has once again stepped out in something that reminds me that age is just a number.

In the youthful spirit that encompasses Zendaya, her latest red carpet number can only be described as one thing: blinged-out. The collared shirt dress features non-stop sparkles, two pockets, and some really great mesh paneling. And I know that a lot of like sparkly nail polish, sparkly dresses aren't that grown up. But the mesh paneling brings in a whole other level of sex appeal; going around the pockets and down the sides, giving us a glimpse of skin. And it doesn't stop there. Zendaya paired the dress with a pair of sparkly pumps that I'm sure add another six inches to her elegant length. Maybe it's the shoes, but I think her short hair cut helps make her look that much taller (and fabulous).

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

None of this is coming from a new place, since Zendaya's style has been killing it for a while now. I mean, even if we just focus on her award looks from this past year, it should be apparent how seriously she takes her style. But even if we look further (to her Instagram style), we'll find looks like that amazing tartan suit she donned. And what makes all of her looks that much better is Zendaya's ability to clap back at haters, in the most appropriate ways possible — like that time she preached about wigs. If I acted (and dressed) like her when I was 18, I'd probably have a very different outlook on both clothes, and drama.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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