5 Fourth Of July Recipes That Are Totally Patriotic, Not To Mention Beyond Delicious

Some people may argue that the best part of celebrating the Fourth of July is the fireworks, but we know nothing creates a bang quite like amazing food — which is why you need these Fourth of July recipes by Public Lives, Secret Recipes in your life immediately this Independence Day. Whether you're planning a backyard barbecue with 50 of your closest friends, or you're planning on a chill night inside with your dog, there's a little something here for everyone. Red, white, and blue candy skewers? Check. A patriotic peanut butter and jelly sandwich starring a few of your favorite seasonal fruits? Check. The most incredible American flag cake you've ever seen in your life? Check and check. Yup, when it comes to Fourth of July shenanigans this year, we've got you totally covered.

So go ahead and let your stars and stripes show. Grilling is fun and all, but you have all summer to break out the hot dogs and hamburgers. A special occasion calls for a special menu, and you have everything you could possibly need right here.

Hosting a Fourth of July barbecue? Headed to a friend's pool party? Just plain hungry? I've got five amazing festive recipes for you to create in honor of Independence Day.

1. Flag Cake

What may seem like an overwhelming and extremely complicated baking project is actually quite simple. Sure, it may seem like a lot of steps, but if you're able to follow instructions, then I can guarantee you've got this! Start with your favorite red velvet, white, and white with blue food coloring cakes. Bake separately in eight-inch circle pans according to specific directions. Once cakes have cooled, slice the tops to create an even surface. Cut the red and white cakes in half to create two layers. Cut a four-inch round circle out of the center of one white, one red, and the entire blue cake. Start stacking with a solid white layer, then red layer, then the outer circle blue layer. Fill the hole inside the blue layer with one slice of white, and then a slice of red.

2. Patriotic PB&J

Get creative (not to mention healthy!) with a simple peanut butter sandwich by topping it with fruit shaped into a festive flag. Recipe here.

3. Fruit plate

Looking for a last minute festive treat to bring along on your Fourth of July plans? This sliced banana and strawberry with blueberry platter makes the perfect healthy and easy dessert alternative. Editor's Note: make sure to bring some whipped cream on the side for those berries!

4. Blueberry Pie Jar

Take the unconventional route when it comes to Fourth of July pie. Swap out your grandmother's apple pie recipe, and create blueberry ricotta pie jars that not only taste great, but are simple to serve.

5. Red, white, and blue candy skewers

Really incapable of baking? No worries! Grab a few BBQ skewers, and a pile of red, white, and blue candy. Layer the candy on the skewers, and you're all set to go! More instructions here.

Images: Public Lives, Secret Recipes