An Itinerary For Wallace And Veronica's Fantasy Road Trip, Because They'd Be The Best Partners In Crime

There's nothing better than spending hot summer days in your car blasting the radio (and the AC) with your best friend. That's how I hope all of my favorite television characters spend their summers when their shows are on hiatus. If there's anyone who deserves a break from the sweltering heat and from their intense town drama, it's Veronica and Wallace of Veronica Mars. The best friend duo basically achieves all of your friendship goals over the course of one episode, and it's only right for these two to take a long overdue vacation together.

Veronica's back in Neptune for good after the events of The Veronica Mars Movie, and Wallace is busy coaching the Neptune High School basketball team to the next championship. Luckily, Veronica's a self-employed lady, and Wallace gets off for the summer, so they both need to start planning their latest getaway immediately. After all, Neptune may be a nice place to find crimes, but it's a tad exhausting chasing down bad guys week after week. Everyone needs a break from their daily routine, and a road trip is the perfect way to quite literally drive away from one's problems.

So where should Wallace and Veronica stop on their trip? Here are a few ideas...

Los Angeles

This is the ideal first stop on Veronica and Wallace's road trip. Los Angeles is just a few hours north of Neptune, and there's something very right about a private detective heading to a place known for some of the most iconic film noir. Veronica also owes Wallace tickets to a game at the Staples Center for all of those files he's "borrowed" for her anyway.

Area 51

Uncovering the real mystery behind the alleged alien center Area 51? Sounds like a Veronica Mars episode I'd watch.

Las Vegas

Veronica's kind of a wiz at blackjack, which means a big steak dinner for her and Wallace once she cleans up on the tables.


Because the food is killer, and Veronica may get to live out her dream of riding a pony.

New Orleans

So much history! So many places to drink bourbon in the streets! Who says Logan and Dick are the only ones who can have a rowdy night out?

New York

It's Veronica's favorite place (she went with her dad as a high school graduation trip!), and one that she spent a lot of time in as an aspiring lawyer. Veronica needs to show her BFF her old stomping grounds ASAP.

So what are you waiting for, guys? Pack your bags and load up the Saturn: this summer's going to be the best.

Images: WB (screenshot)