Dresses Made Out Of Fake Fingernails Are So Cool

I’m sure you’ve seen the results of unconventional items turned fashion pieces by now, what with inventions like the crayon dress and 3D printing — but you’ve never seen something quite like this before. Design student Anna Goswami used plastic fingernails to create dresses, and her creations are really quite incredible!

The three looks she designed are both mod and flapper-esque at the same time. Each look features a graphic print of a woman’s face, which is definitely the mod aspect of these looks, while the fingernails provide such swing and movement that's very 1920s. The combination is totally breathtaking.

Now that I know that these dresses exist, can they find their way into my closet, please? I’d love to own one of these, however awkward they might be to wear. And when you see them, you’ll want to get your hands on them too, I guarantee it. Have your fake fingernails and wear them, too! Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Take a look at these brilliant designs from different angles below. You’re definitely going to want an up-close look at these bad boys. What's not to love about these dresses, am I right?

Forget your average sundress!

I love how Goswami was able to repurpose these fingernails in such an inventive way, really giving them a whole new life.

This is the chicest that plastic fingernails have ever looked.

Oh. My. Gosh. Slaaaaay!

Can I have one of each, already?

Images: goswam1/Instagram