Black Girls Sew Is An Eco-Friendly Sewing Camp In Brooklyn That Teaches Young Girls All About The Fashion Industry

When I was younger, my mother always tried to get me to learn to sew, but I was never able to pick up the trade (even though it could save me tons of money now that I'm older). With programs like Brooklyn's Black Girls Sew, kids and teens can learn fashion basics in a fun summer program that makes sewing something they want to do The non-profit is returning for it's second year, bringing with it some really useful additions, including field trips and guest speakers.

Created by Hekima Hapa, Black Girls Sew was started in an attempt to prove that sewing is more than just a girly skill. "I try to help children understand that not only is sewing a fun thing you can do, but you can also turn it into a business," Hapa said. And so aside from helping little ones become growing seamstresses, there are courses that will introduce them to the world of fashion. From photoshoots and runway shows, to becoming an entrepreneur, Hapa's programs are giving children of color access to a skill that they may not get, otherwise.

And I'm sure parents aren't only excited about broadening their children's skill bases, but they've also got to love the fact that Black Girls Sew is a screen-free environment. "I just think anything that can keep kids' attention that is not electronic-based helps them think, become problem-solvers and gain patience, especially from sewing," Hapa said.

The patience part is definitely why I failed at sewing as a child, but I'm sure this Brooklyn-based program does everything it can to make sewing so cool.

Images: Black Girls Sew(1)