7 Delicate Septum Rings For The Pretty Piercee Dreaming Of Something Girlier Than Thick Steel

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Love them or hate them, septum rings are most definitely having a moment. There are so many delicate septum rings on the market these days, if you're tempted by Twigs' face bejeweling, you need not resemble your typical Nine Inch Nails fan should you make the decision to get a needle poked into your olfactory sensor. (Unless, of course, you want to, and go for it with your industrial steel bar bells baby!) I recently took the plunge and got my septum pierced, after considering the idea for about six months, and I absolutely love my new facial adornment. A septum piercing is so versatile! You can hide it from your Grandma or overly conservative boss with the help of a horseshoe flipped inside your nostrils or a retainer, and if you change your mind, you will never have a visible scar! Basically it is the perfect facial piercing. (IMHO.)My piercing recently healed and was ready to be changed, and as a girl human with a taste for all things dainty, I couldn't wait to rid my nose of the hardcore thick steel it was pierced with. If you too want to decorate your nose with something a little more eastern princess than punk, then have a gander at these seven elegant septum rings to find your perfect piercing.Just remember, never wear brass in a new piercing. Stick to gold, silver, or surgical steel. Unless you want to end up with a serious infection!

Image: studiolil/Etsy

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