Erykah Badu's Personal Style Is Fierce, Fearless, And 100 Percent Her Own

Given Erykah Badu's consistently head-turning looks, it might seem like she has a gaggle of stylists constantly available. However, as revealed in an interview with Vogue, Erykah Badu's personal style is strictly her own, and she plans on keeping it that way. The singer opened up about her outfit-picking strategy, accessory obsession, and love of menswear.

On getting dressed, Badu makes no distinction between the stage or a coffee shop. She said, "What I wear on the street and the stage; it's all just my style ... I don’t work with a stylist, and I never plan what I’m going to wear, it’s always an of-the-moment thing.” Given Badu's recent sexy bowl cut, this strategy seems to have worked out so far.

When it comes to accessories, Badu has a serious love and is never without them. She told Vogue, "Accessories really are everything for me ... I travel with a black body bag full of them when I’m on tour. I’ll throw in my Yoruba beads, my Maasai beads—and there’s space for six hats in my hat box.” It sounds like her hat box might legitimately be bigger than my Manhattan apartment. Go girl.

Badu's interest in menswear started long before her 2014 Givenchy campaign shoot, where she found herself reaching for the men's blazers and shirts. The singer shared, "I love shopping in the men’s department ... And as I’ve gotten older I’ve found those shapes suits my body best.”

Her attitude on not conforming to trends is aspirational, and I admire her willingness to put her authentic self out there 100 percent of the time. Thanks for being a fearless role model and following the beat of your own style drum, Badu!

Image Credit: ErykahBaduFan/Instagram