Amber Heard Rode Bikes Around Amsterdam In A Dress And It Was A Vintage Summer Fantasy Come To Life

Physical activity generally calls for shorts, leggings, and probably some form of Lululemon, but Amber Heard went bike riding in a dress, and basically looked like definition of summer. Vintage dress? Cruiser bicycle? Hair billowing in the breeze? Check, check, and triple check.

The Magic Mike XXL star has been busy promoting her film overseas (wearing one fantastic gown after the other, might I add), and she took a break from press to spend Thursday bike riding through Amsterdam. But instead of throwing on her workout attire, the always chic 29-year-old actress wore a dark green, printed maxi dress. The vintage style dress had white accents and a white collar, with a gauzy skirt that blew in the breeze as she rode. It sounds like a scene out of a movie, but this is Amber Heard's real life, ladies and gents.

The blonde beauty accessorized with several chunky necklaces, bangles, and a pair of nude, gladiator sandals. And there were no ballerina buns on this excursion — Amber left her long hair down, though she didn't wear much makeup, so no sweaty mascara stains to worry about. Phew. To top it all off, Heard wore a vintage-style, brown leather camera slung across her body. Yeah, she looks pretty much as idyllic as it sounds.

Images: Getty Images; TruVanderzwaag/Twitter