Watch This Cat Interrupt Yoga By Vogue-ing In Front Of The Camera Like The Drama Queen All Cats Are — VIDEO

How do you find your zen? Are you obsessed with hot yoga, or casually into practicing your downward dog while communing with nature? (Not judging, guys, I'm going camping this weekend and there will be an excessive amount of nature to commune with.) This girl found her zen, and was recording a lovely video of an exceptionally acrobatic headstand. The only problem is her cat had other plans for her video. This cat interrupts its owner's yoga video, and while I support our new yogi friend, the cat improves the video immensely. Like, that owner has the cat to thank for the millions of page views she's collecting. This cat has some serious viral Internet strategy intuition, if you ask me.

This entire video seems like one perfectly executed joke waiting to happen. But all I can think of is: "Of all the yoga videos in all the world, this cat had to walk into this one." I could probably do better, but you have to give me some credit for the universal appeal of Casablanca.

Anyway, lesson learned: Next time you go to film a video featuring your best yogi moves, be sure to adjust your angles before your start recording.

Watch this cat in action:


What a hero cat.

Here's the full video:

If there's one party who definitely found their zen while taping this video, it's the cat. Namaste, kitty.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(2)