Watch This Mom Pull A Prank On Her Son For His Birthday And Blow Anything 'Punk'd' Ever Did Out Of The Water — VIDEO

In general I'm not big on pranks. I found Punk'd pretty obnoxious. The recent cruelty inflicted on Paris Hilton was absolutely horrible. The best pranks are ones that leave the prankee in a better mood than they were in before it happened, and I feel like those are hard to come by. But this video of a mom pranking her son on his birthday is basically the epitome of a prank done perfectly.

Ja'Myron Baker wanted an iPod Touch for his 8th birthday...which makes me seem pretty uncool and small-minded, because I wanted a training bra, but I digress. Being a sweet and thoughtful mother, Ms. Ja'Myron's Mom got it for him... being a playful and tricky opportunist, however, she knew she had a perfect moment for some hijinks.

"Hey, what is this?" she begins sternly, holding a package. I'm going to pause here to wax poetic for a few seconds about how on point her mom voice is. I feel like every mom has this power — a certain tone that can freeze the blood in their children's veins and bring the whippersnappers to their proverbial knees. The trick, I find, speaking as a mom, is knowing how to control it. For some, the mom voice cannot be summoned. It occurs naturally, unconsciously, and only in the most dire of circumstances. My own mother had a pretty good mom voice back in the day. My husband has a pretty stellar dad voice (and seems to have the power to control it whenever he wants). Me? Still working on it. It's happened, but it's hard to harness that edge of authority that stiffens the spines of my wee ones. Ms. Ja'Myron's mom? She is to the mom voice as Michelangelo was to marble.

I'll not spoil her masterpiece by giving you the blow by blow. Watch it for yourself below:

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My favorite moment? The moment that enters this into the Hall of Well-Executed, Good-Natured Pranks...


Aww! That adorable little face! I die!

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