Louis Vuitton Debuted Their Very Own Private Museum Near Paris, And The Collection They're Revealing Is Insane

Everyone loves a little Louis, especially Michelle Williams, who attended Louis Vuitton's second private museum situated near Paris in the northern suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine. Named La Galerie, it is the second of the French fashion powerhouse's exhibits to be shown to the world. At 6,500 square feet, there's definitely plenty for viewers to enjoy.

The exhibit, which can be found in the historic LV grounds where the family home and workshops where they manufacture their made-to-order items, was curated by Judith Clark, who's also worked on shows for Chloé and Frida Kahlo. Unfortunately for us, it was invitation-only. And of course, as mentioned earlier, LV's face Michelle Williams attended the opening garden party.

The exhibit, which takes over two floors, contains over 400 items and documents from the fashion house's history, which as a total of 26,000 objects and 165,000 documents, according to WWD. Items include Paul Poiret's trunk to some of the Vuitton family's possessions, including "a pair of 17th-century Venetian women’s platform shoes," according to WWD.

The collection of clothing includes designs from the fashion house's past and present creative directors, like Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs. Scattered throughout are vintage pieces from Lanvin and Dior. So basically, it's a playground for the fashion-obsessed.

“One of the motivations for having something a little bit more permanent and a little bit more complete here was the fact that people come to this site, come to the maison de famille, see the atelier, and they kind of fall in love with the idea that this is the cradle of the company,” Clark told WWD. Long live Louis Vuitton.

Images: @VVFriedman, @jfnolen/Twitter