This New App Called Kim.Guru Gives You The Weather Report Using Kim Kardashian's Outfits, And It's Actually Pretty Useful

The day has finally come—the Kardashians have officially taken over our lives with a new app called Kim.Guru that gives you the weather report using Kim Kardashian's outfits. Just in case you couldn't use your weather app on your phone or do the good ole search on, you now can incorporate Kimmy into your search every morning for deciding what to wear.

Created by Bullett and Bravo, a creative agency, the app asks you to enter your location, and gives you the temperature of the selected area. Pretty standard stuff. What's unique (and honestly, kinda cool) part is that it generates a photo of what Mrs. Kardashian West would be wearing in that particular type of weather. For me, personally, a photo of anyone would be helpful, whether (no pun intended) that be Kim K, my second grade teacher, or even my mom. Personally, I (partly) base what I wear for the weather on other people.

While there are other apps that tell you whether you'll need to bring an umbrella or a rain coat, this one's particularly fun because, why not? Today's a particularly warm, humid day that's cloudy, so the app generates a photo of Kim in a long, white dress and some strappy shoes. Regenerate again, and you'll find another photo of her in a sheer dress and long duster coat. I imagine in LA and warmer climates, there'll be some of her infamous bikini shots.

Underneath a tiled photo of Kim, the website reads, "Rain or shine, Kim Kardashian has the outfit. Type in cities around the globe to see her weather-appropriate looks." While I probably won't be wearing heels in the rain, any suggestion of what to put on is always helpful to me. Check it out at

Images: @therealkatielee/Twitter