'Sabotage' Trailer Is More Action, Less Substance

Apart from seeing how Joe Manganiello looks on the big screen with his hair in corn rows (ALCIDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING), I have literally no reason in my life to ever see this movie — and this clip just confirms that. In the first trailer for Sabotage , we're introduced to Arnold Schwarzenegger, doing what Arnold Schwarzenegger does in every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie: Carry around a big gun to compensate for his (probably) a certain tiny body part, order people around, and kill the bad guys with his bare hands.

In this movie, the guns are plentiful, the people he orders around are his "elite DEA team," and the bad guys are a drug cartel, whom his team busts, only to end up "dealing with the payback" — whatever that means. If they busted the cartel, why is there payback? Maybe they're thinking that all the explosions and big guns will distract us from any plot holes, because I don't think even they know what that means.

In addition to Schwarzenegger and Manganiello, Sam Worthington (where you been, dude?), Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, and Mirielle Enos also star, and David Ayer is directing. If you're interested, you can check out the trailer below. Sabotage is set to hit theaters on April 11.