Every Thought You Have While Watching A 'Full House' Episode — INFOGRAPHIC

Art thou ready for Fuller House, the imminent sequel series to the '90s classic Full House (which itself had an episode called "Fuller House")? The new series drops on Netflix in 2016, and though it's not a reboot, the plot is similar to its predecessor. Fuller House will focus on DJ Tanner, who is recently widowed (dark times ahead), just like her dad was on Full House. She asks sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibler to move in with her to help raise her two sons and the baby she has on the way. (How anyone could stay friends with Kimmy Gibbler for two decades is beyond me.)

Full House was a sensation, whether you loved it, hated it, or hated to love it. It was just so feel-goody that even when it was unbearably cheesy. I for one am constantly watching the reruns. And it never mattered what season, what episode, which Olsen: each episode was more or less a similar comforting formula, because Full House was all about the comfort in that predictability. You know what I mean: the mild conflict, the kooky outfits, the hijinx, the girls' attempt to hide their hijinx from Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse. And while we're on the subject, here's a handy visual chart of all the thoughts you had watching the Tanner family grow, that you'll probably still have while watching Fuller House:

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle