When You Watch Netflix Without Your S.O.

According to Elite Daily, it's a problem when your girlfriend watches Netflix without you. And here's the thing: As much as I want to say that no, my relationship doesn't revolve around such ~simplistic things~, they definitely have a point. There are shows I watch by myself, and then I there are shows I watch with my boyfriend. For example, I like to binge watch Friends and Sex And The City on my own time, but there are a few shows that my boyfriend and I insist on watching together. And if he decides he's going to casually watch the most recent episode without me, there's hell to pay. Like, how can we be on the same footing if he knew what happened on Arrested Development Season 4 before I did? (Yes, the key to a good, healthy, successful relationship is bonding over Arrested Development.)

The point is, watching Netflix without your S.O. can get messy very quickly. And if they're using your password? Forget it. That's a game changer. Who gets custody of the account when you break up? (I've heard horror stories about people breaking up and deliberately changing their passwords in front of their exes. We can all be pretty vindictive about our Netflix.)

If you want the truth about what happens when your girlfriend watches Netflix without you, here's what's really going down:

When they realize you cheated:

When they ask how far you went:

When they ask if you used their login with someone else:

And that's when $h*t hits the fan:

Watch the full video and find out how the saga plays out:

Keep your friends close and your Netflix password closer.

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