What Is Les Hiding About The Stitchers Program?

What in the world is happening on Stitchers these days, guys? I'm gone for a week and when I come back, Marta's been shot and killed and Maggie is working with her boss Les Turner to keep secrets from her team? Clearly the ABC series is starting to move quickly in its journey for answers involving not just Kirsten's past, but how it pertains to the Stitchers program secrets. In the episode "Finally," Kirsten meets Les Turner who basically gives her some ominous words of advice and explains that he has no idea for what the Stitchers program is training. Considering what we saw from last week's episode — where Les tells Maggie to get her team together and lie to them about what the Stitchers program does — we know that Les is a big liar who knows so much more than he's letting on. So what could the Stitchers program be a front for and what kind of secrets does the main keep?

For one thing we know that whatever the Stitchers program was actually designed to do, it's not something we'll be happy to find out. Marta called the program essentially like a "grave robber." But they rob dead bodies of something completely different. My guess? The Stitchers program was actually created to wade out the memories and thoughts of dead people who had access to sensitive materials. For example, the location of an algorithm for a highly sensitive, incredible scientific program. If this theory is correct, Marta might be right as well. Grave robber does seem to fit the bill of what the Stitchers are doing on a regular basis and if the government or god forbid one evil person has this in their hands, things are going to get even more dangerous on the series.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family