Taylor Swift Now Gives Fashion Advice To Fans

There’s no gift too large when there’s a T. Swift fan in need ($50,000 or whatever the case), which is a huge part of what makes her so cool, am I right? She may have just upped the ante when it comes to her gift-giving, because Taylor Swift just gave a fan fashion advice via Tumblr, and that’s so great of her that it only makes me an even bigger fan. Why didn’t I think to ask her for advice myself? Clearly, I’m not jealous of this amazingly lucky fan at all. Not even the slightest little bit. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm so jealous!

The fortunate recipient of styling advice is one die-hard Swift fan who needed the singer's help picking out what to wear to prom. He posted selfies in both looks and captioned the photo, “So prom is on Thursday and I need to know, tie or bow tie?” Simple enough question, right?

But instead of just giving a one word response, Swift, who is a verified style star at this point, gave this decision a lot of thought and responded with, “I like the tie but honestly both are great. I just feel like you look like a ’50s movie star in the bow tie, but more like a modern movie star in the tie. Depends on what vibe you’re wanting to convey, but I’d say the tie. Great suit btw!” Umm, great answer, btw, Tay!

She’s totally right, as always. And it is a really awesome suit. He’s sure to be the best dressed at prom, all thanks to Swift.

A little more up close and personal. Looking good!

Raiding my closet to send her over some outfit comparisons now. Style me next, Tay Tay!