Reese on 'American Horror Story'?

Jessica Lange may be head witch in charge on American Horror Story: Coven this season, but should we expect the queen bee to have another badass blonde rival in Season 4? In a new interview with EW, creator Ryan Murphy revealed his American Horror Story dream cast, which includes Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Pfeiffer.

"Well, every year I go to Reese Witherspoon," Murphy told the magazine. "I want her to play something really twisted and f***ed up. But she's always booked." Considering the amount of major film actors who have been making the jump to the small screen — Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett in AHS, and even Halle Berry in the upcoming CBS drama Extant — it's not out of the question that Witherspoon would make the jump to TV.

After all, she already did in 2000 by playing Rachel Green's sister on Friends, and more recently she did some voice work for The Simpsons. A role on AHS would be more time consuming, but the show has enough buzz to merit it.

Murphy also named Pfeiffer and The Shield star Michael Chiklis as other dream cast members he'd like to book, but he didn't comment on what role he had in mind for them.

As for how Murphy landed the big names already on the series — Lange, Bates, Bassett, and Danny Huston — apparently, there's no real trick to it: He just asks. "He called me up out of the blue — I had never met him — and started talking. And I just thought, 'Wow, he's got quite a spiel here. This is really something.' I haven't been kind of seduced like this in a long time," Lange told AP last month. "And you know he has a kind of uncanny intelligence about this, a talent, genius in a way and it became something really fascinating ... He keeps kind of dangling that carrot out there. It's hard to say no."

I, for one, think casting Witherspoon would be a great idea. Sure, it wouldnt happen during this current season, so we wouldn't get to see her face off against Fiona Goode in New Orleans — but Lange plays a badass character every season, so it's safe to assume that whoever she's going to portray next year (Murphy has hinted that her character will be based on late actress Marlene Dietrich) will be just as awesome as Fiona has been this year. Seeing her on screen opposite Witherspoon playing someone "twisted and f***ed up" would probably take AHS to a whole 'nother, amazing level.

Plus, we know Witherspoon can tap into the crazy! (Just sayin'...)