Olivia Palermo Makes Mini Skirts A Must For Summer

Whoever said that the mini skirt trend would end was definitely way off. This was reaffirmed when Olivia Palermo wore the most stellar mini skirt to the Fendi fashion show yesterday in Paris. She actually just steals the show with style wherever she shows up. Her colorfully classy outfit consisted of pretty pink, green, blue, and even some spunky sparkle, bringing the mini skirt to brilliant and bright new level.

As one of the staple styles from the 1960's, the trend just continues to make a comeback. Season after season it pops up, even with such differing opinions surrounding the totally tiny look. I personally can't resist the tightly tailored trend, and I secretly hope that it stays a sartorial statement forever! That may be a bit of a bold dream, but hey, if it's still around after 50 years it might just be here for the long run.

Mini skirts have a tendency to be tricky, but when you find the perfect fit for you, you'll forget pants ever existed. Even if you don't have long legs, the style still works for you! It's all about slipping into the material and cut that makes you feel confident.

Before we shop some different styles, here's the mini skirt expert's look from yesterday.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think we should all make the massive decision to go mini this season. Here's how to do that without breaking the bank.

1. Mellow Yellow

Zara $30

2. Polished In Peach

Urban Outfitters $40

3. Show Off In Stripes

Madewell $68

4. Perfect In Print

Zara $20

5. Fresh In Floral

J.Crew $88

6. Bright In White

J.Crew $70

I don't know about you, but I've absolutely made up my mind about the mini skirt trend!

Images: Courtesy of brands