4 Ways to Find a Little Zen Over the Hectic Holidays

This time of year, it’s easy to get stressed out or down in the dumps. I find myself feeling a little bah humbug around the holidays, and I’m not really sure why. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle (lol get it?), it’s important that you center yourself and try to avoid holiday burnout.

If retail therapy and a trip to the spa, my two favorite methods of #treatyoself, are out of your budget, take a few minutes to find your zen with these easy (and mostly free) stress management strategies.

1. Get laid

Sex releases endorphins, feels awesome, and will definitely take your mind off of hanging out with your bitchy relatives. If you’re staying with family, sex up your boo quietly as to avoid any awkward conversations at the dinner table.

2. Do some aromatherapy

It may sound like some hippy-dippy, new age shit that just won’t work, but aromatherapy is pretty legit. Studies show that aromatherapy helps reduce stress and anxiety, and it’s much cheaper than booze or meds. Stow a bottle of lavender oil in your carry-on, and rub a few drops on your temples every time your annoying cousin starts rambling on about her “perfect” life.

3. Take a time out

It’s not necessary to spend every waking second of the holidays hanging out with your family and friends. If you have a few days off, take one of them for yourself. Spend the day with Netflix and The Carrie Diaries or some other TV trash, or whatever it is that recharges you.

4. Do an at home spa day.

You probably have close to one million skincare products in your bathroom, so put them to good use. Invite all your best bitches over and tell them to bring their own stashes for an all-out spa day. You’ll also need wine and snacks and cheesy movies, which may not seem like typical therapy tools, but it will totally work.

It sucks to feel blue when everyone else is so goddamn cheery. A little self-care, though, goes a long way to reducing stress and managing depression during the holiday season. If all else fails, you’ll have glowing skin that will make you look better than you feel.