Fifth Harmony Is Taking Over Chocolate

The combination of chocolate and caramel is great. Big fan. I will always be in its corner, cheering it on. However, do you know what’s even better than chocolate and caramel? Uh, eating chocolate and caramel while listening to a Fifth Harmony song, that’s what. And I’ll be a sledgehammer’s uncle, because Hershey's just about hit the nail on the head. A new ad for Hershey’s Caramels features the song “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink. Between this Hershey’s TV spot, the “Left Swipe Dat” anti-smoking campaign, and that Clean & Clear ad, the ladies of 5H have been rulin’ the commercial breaks as of late.

“Worth It” is the third single off of the masterpiece that is 5H’s first album, Reflection. (If you consider yourself a connoisseur of pop music but have yet to check out Reflection, I recommend you remedy that as soon as possible. It's one of the best albums to drop this year. Don't miss that boat.) This summer, the song climbed to the #14 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and it’s 5H’s first Top 20 hit.

Not only is "Worth It" a song that deserves to be listened to on repeat and at full volume (sorry, neighbors!), but it's also a song that deserves to be danced to every time it's on the radio.

"Worth It" is worth it.