What's The Best Lipstick Shade For Me? Here's How To Find The Perfect Red, Nude, and Bright Hues

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You're standing in the makeup aisle, looking at a mesmerizing wall of lipstick — with no clue where to turn. In a sea of reds, which is the right one for you? Will nude even show up on your lips? How bright is too bright? Choosing a lipstick color might seem daunting, but once you've found your shade, all will be right in the world.

We've partnered with COVERGIRL to conquer the task at hand and bring you the best reds, brights, and nudes for your skin tone. Because a wall of lipstick should always give you pleasant vibes.

This article is sponsored by COVERGIRL.

Images: Bianca Consunji/Bustle (9) Illustrations: Dawn Foster/Bustle (3)

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