9 Animals You Didn't Know Could Fly

Time to talk Sharks, guys, because there will never be a more appropriate time (until next year and Shark Week 2016). This week was a busy one, between streaming Shark Week at your desk between meetings, and hurrying home to catch all the Shark Week specials with the particularly hot divers. (What? I occasionally watch Shark Week for the hot dudes wearing half a wet suit. Sue me.) Anyway, my point is that even thought Shark Week kept you busy and full of shark content, you definitely have time to watch this flying shark.

Oh, and my other point is that Shark Week has a certain sex appeal that you've yet to consider.

Moving on.

This shark is flying and we decided it was clearly time to find some other animals who could fly and really embody the vibes of the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" in the way that Bette Midler truly intended. These are the animals who can take it to the next level on what they have to offer the Internet. And they deliver. Think: The squirrel in Rocky and Bullwinkle. (If you're holding out hope for a flying kitty, you might just be in luck.

Here's the flying shark that will complete your Shark Week '15 perfectly:

And here are 8 other animals you didn't know could soar:

1. Another shark because, I'm sorry, but this is already a choice genre:

In gymnastics we call that an aerial.

2. An incredible flying cat

Because what the hell kind of list would this be if it DIDN'T have a flying cat?

3. A skydiving dog


4. The cat got wind of the idea and tried skydiving too

Got WIND. Nailed it.

5. The bunny who can fly... with some unfortunate help

Rough day for that bunny.

6. These red pandas who really just want to be able to reach the doorknob

Am I the only one who thinks they look Raccoon-like?

7. The lion that flew (thanks to an unfriendly buffalo)

8. The fox who is getting some serious air and is probably going to compete in the X Games

Three in a row. Not too shabby.

Images: YouTube(9)