Carrie Underwood Accidentally Locked Her Baby In The Car & You Won't Believe How It Happened

She didn't "slash a hole in all four tires," but Carrie Underwood was forced to do a little damage to her vehicle when her dogs accidentally locked themselves, Underwood's 4-month-old son, Isaiah, and her belongings insider the country singer's car on Saturday, July 11. To be more specific, Underwood recruited her brother-in-law to break one of her windows in order to retrieve everyone — not exactly the ideal way to spend your Saturday, to say the least, and a terrifying event for any new parent to go through.

The "Something In The Water" singer took to Twitter to giver her followers all the details of the scary incident, tweeting, "When your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff & the baby in the car & you have to break a window to get in #WhatAreTheChances." She later followed up the tweet to credit her brother-in-law as the heroic window-breaker, and assured fans "all is good now," after the near-crisis. Phew!

Underwood and her NHL star husband, Mike Fisher, welcomed their son on Feb. 27, and at the time, treated fans to a truly adorable picture of the couple's new bundle. One day before the car incident, the blissful pair celebrated five years of marriage, with Fisher amorously tweeting, "Happy anniversary to my better half @carrieunderwood! Can't believe it's 5 yrs already! Here's to many more happy years!"

Hopefully the singer will have a more relaxing end to her weekend, and won't have to spend too much time shopping for a new window or re-training her dogs not to lock themselves in — seriously, how did that happen?