All The Miss USA 2015 Gowns Because The Evening Was One Bedazzled Spectacle

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The primary currency in the pageant world is glitz, and nowhere is that penchant for sparkles and fake crystals more apparent than in the evening gown category. It's also the only chance the contestants have to pick their outfits during the whole competition, and the 11 semi finalists definitely brought the glitz and the glam to the Miss USA 2015 evening gown competition.

No matter how you feel about beauty pageants, or beauty pageant glamour, it’s hard not to be totally impressed by the evening gowns, from the impeccable styling to the gorgeous tailoring and the women's ability to strut confidently down the stage in these ornate floor-length dresses and four-inch heels without missing a step. You also have to commend this year's crop of contestants for handling the recent controversy around the Miss USA pageant with aplomb, and for taking this year's competition as seriously as any other.

Although there are 51 participants vying for the title of Miss USA, only 11 finalists get the chance to participate in the evening gown category during the formal competition, this year held at the Baton Rouge River Center. If you want to relive the night, and get lost in a magical world of chiffon and satin all over again, here are all the evening gowns from the 2015 Miss USA pageant.

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