Rihanna Channeled Carrie Bradshaw With This Outfit

There's only one woman whose style is so fluid that she can rock everything from a scarf as a bathing suit to a transparent crystal gown, and it's Rihanna. And if you thought the BBHMM singer only stuck to edgy and daring pieces, you'll find a nice change of pace with her latest outfit: last night in New York Rihanna channeled Carrie Bradshaw with pink pumps and a oversized, flowy culottes.

The style chameleon is normally all about grunge. Sneakers, baseball jerseys, baggy jeans — we've seen Rihanna wear it all. So when she stepped out in bright colors last night (hot pink and cerulean blue), the world came to a stop. In a very Rihanna move she bared her midriff with a tied up T-shirt (her version of a crop) and added a beachy flare with her wide-leg pants. Normally this outfit could have totally been spun off as an island-inspired look, but her shoes were where things got interesting.

Remember how Carrie Bradshaw was always wearing obnoxious stilettos in Sex and the City? The ones that would make you cringe at first sight because of the matronly adornments and then instantly make you reconsider your shoe choices because it somehow looked chic on her?

Rihanna's shoes, coincidentally enough, rivavled something Carrie would wear: hot pink satin, strappy, and topped with a bulbous adornment. All together, the look is a more modern, younger Carrie. Minus the bodychain, Rihanna is definitely channeling the set of Sex and the City, and of course, it works for her. Even her curls fit the part.

Though, this isn't the first time that Rihanna's pulled from Carrie's style book. A few months back, she embraced the type of iconic fuzzy heels that Bradshaw once famously tried on in a shopping spree.

Needless to say, Carrie would be proud.

Images: katyroseprichard, ozumfenty (2), badgalriri/Instagram; Giphy (1)