Claire Holt From 'The Originals' Is Engaged — Brace Yourselves, Rebekah Mikaelson Is Getting Married IRL

For Claire Holt, being a mermaid and a vampire didn't seem quite right, so, she took on another role entirely. And, no, this time, it is not of the supernatural variety. As E! Online reported, Holt just got engaged to her boyfriend, Matt Kaplan, as per her Instagram. Call me crazy, but something makes me think that this new stint as soon-to-be wife is a whole lot less daunting. Especially considering a wedding doesn't require any sort of underwater escapades or dark magic. I think.

Not quite sure about the general consensus on this, but I am a total fan of this celebrity Instagram announcement trend. It's a hell of a lot more relatable and less self-important than a publicist's statement to a magazine, which is usually made weeks or months after we know what has already obviously happened. It's cool to see some of the celebrities that I admire, like Holt, confirm this stuff almost, dare I say, personally, to us. Especially, as Us Weekly points out, that the Aquarius actress frequently shares sweet pictures of her now-fiance. This form of announcement seems almost organic and so refreshingly normal.

You can check out Holt and Kaplan's engagement photo below. Try not to swoon too hard or anything:

So, Originals and Vampire Diaries fans, I expect your reaction to the news was in line with something chipper, like this:

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