Kelly Clarkson & Tori Kelly Need To Record A Duet

This is a dream come true for pop music lovers everywhere: Kelly Clarkson covered Tori Kelly's "Nobody Love" during her first Piece by Piece Tour show in Pennsylvania last Saturday, and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, she totally killed it. (Is there a song the original American Idol can't sing? Damn.) After watching the impressive performance, I'm convinced that Kelly Clarkson and Tori Kelly need to record a duet together immediately (but sooner if at all possible). Let me explain...

Before Clarkson sang "Nobody Love," she took a moment to sing Kelly's praises, telling the crowd:

I chose this next song 'cause I'm a huge fan of this artist. Not many people can sing well live, and this girl is nailing it. She's new, her name is Tori Kelly, and she's ripping it up. She's so good.

The former YouTube sensation kept the good vibes going on Twitter later that night, thanking Clarkson for her kind words and praising her "for being such a real artist." Ah, don't you just love when talent recognizes talent?

So, to review: Clarkson and Kelly are two badass women who both respect each other as artists AND dig each other’s music. In other words, they should probably book some studio time together ASAP, right? Doesn't it seem like they would hit it off? Personally, I think pop music needs more collaborations between women — and this has the potential to be one hell of a collaboration! Check out Clarkson's stellar rendition of "Nobody Love" below.

Amazing. Here's to hoping these two decide to team up in the very near future.