Bride Robbed During Her Wedding Is Turning To Social Media To Catch The Thief — PHOTOS

I, like so many of you, have been binge-rewatching Friends on Netflix. Just last night I finally reached the episode featuring that time Monica and Chandler got hitched (sure hope that wasn't a spoiler for anyone). Man, a person's wedding day is such a special time, even in fabricated television programs. Such planning, pressure, and lead-up is sure to stoke someone's defense fire, I imagine. This San Diego bride took to social media to find the person who stole her wallet during her recent wedding. Hell hath no fury like a bride who's been wronged by an outside party. Isn't that an adage? It should be.

Michelle Wilcox Tietz was robbed Tuesday, July 7 while she was busy getting married. A stranger snuck into the bridal suite and snatched Tietz's wallet as she was predisposed exchanging vows. It may be a smart criminal move, but that kind of style is far from classy. Tietz didn't notice her missing wallet until the next day because—I'll reiterate—she was slightly distracted with the whole "it's her wedding day" detail. Anyway, when she did put it together, she contacted authorities. With the surveillance photos they unearthed, Tietz shared the images on social media with the mission #letscatchathief.

Apparently, several charges were made to Tietz's card starting around the time of the ceremony. The newlyweds say they hope circulating these photos will help find and penalize the criminal. Seriously, who steals from a person on their wedding day?

"Please, somebody knows her," Tietz says. "If she’s done it to me, I can’t even imagine it’s the first time she’s done it." Tietz's mobile app revealed about $1,400 worth of charges she did not make.

Image: Pexels