Watch This Guy Use The Word "Girl" In So Many Different Ways That It Basically Becomes Its Own One-Word Language — VIDEO


The way people talk is sometimes insane. One word can mean a million different things based on the intonation or context. It can be hard to keep up. Luckily, as always, BuzzFeed has made a neat little video to educate us about what the word "girl" means. And not in an abstract way, but in the very specific meaning of each time someone utters the word "girl" to their friends. As in "Girl, you look fine", or "Girl, step off." "Girl" can be used in happiness, anger, conspiracy, frustration. The single word "girl," it seems, can be used to convey just about any thought or emotion. It's all about reading the nuance.

Everyone has a word that they use to mean everything. Mine is usually "Oh my God". It works for everything. "Oh my God this is amazing." "Oh my God l have something to tell you." "Oh my God I am so angry and stamping my foot right now." But after watching this video, I kind of want to adopt the multi-use "girl". Although I'm not really sure if I'm cool enough to pull it off, because the guy in the video is very trendy, and very cool. Yes I'm aware that I sound like your mum right now, but I don't really care. Here are some of the best meanings of "girl" in the video:

1. "Girl"

2. "Girl"

3. "Girl", "girl!"

4. "Girl"

5. "Girl"

Watch the full video below for all the ways the word "girl" can be used:

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