7 Things We Never Knew About Faking The Big 'O'

By Alexandra Churchill

As a guy, it's a thought that's probably crept into your mind at least once: Is she faking it? Ladies can be phenomenal fakers (I mean, you've seen that scene in When Harry Met Sally, and then hopefully this recent reenactment) and they can translate a "dude, time to wrap it up" signal into a convincing moan.

Just consider it one of their better between-the-sheets skills. But are either sexes benefiting from a false finish? And who are the biggest fakers of all? There's a lot of curiosity surrounding the topic and several studies have illuminated some remarkable facts as researchers look to getting to the bottom of faking the big "O".

1. This Group Is Faking It The Most ...

Your mind automatically goes to women, right? Well surprisingly, that's not necessarily true. According to one recent study, two-thirds of divorced men are the biggest fakers. The study, conducted by DatingAdvice.com, involved 1,080 men to determine the effects of divorce on libido. Researchers found that the guys were faking the big "O" because they were scared of the emotional intimacy. Climaxing in front of someone is about letting someone see you in your most vulnerable state. For these guys, it's a defense mechanism.

2. More Women Than You Think Fake It — A Lot More

It goes without saying that most women have done it at least once … but 80 percent? Hate to break it to you fellas, but after polling a team of over 70 women between the ages of 18 and 48, team of British researchers found that a whopping 80 percent faked orgasms during vaginal intercourse at least half of the time. Additionally, 25 percent of women are "oohing and ahhing" 90 percent of the time regardless of whether they climax or not. Might be time to step up your game, guys.

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