Guy Tries To Get A Date Without Using An App, And It Is A Beautiful Hot Mess — VIDEO


Is it even possible to date without a site or app to help you? I have a boyfriend who I was set up with, and that happened just as Tinder was taking off—so the app dating world is something that's quite foreign to me, and terrifies me more than anything. I imagine that using apps to date is equally as daunting to anyone who has been in a relationship long enough to have never had to do it before. BAFTA-nominated writer and director Samuel Abrahams has made a lovely little video with his friend actor Tom Greaves, in which Tom attempts to get a date in real life, without the assistance of a dating app, called "Offline Dating". It's awkward and adorable and absolutely lovely to watch (not to mention beautifully shot).

The surprising part is how engaged strangers are when approached. Obviously Tom is cute and pretty non-threatening in the context, but all the women are quite polite and open to conversation, which is promising. He even gets invited to a barbecue! Overall, the video seems to be solid proof that it's still possible to engage people face-to-face, and that dating apps aren't necessarily the only way to meet people. Abrahams told Mashable,

Here's how some of his approaches went down:

1. Straight up rejection

2. Dealing with an over-protective boyfriend

3. Receiving sage advice

4. Validation

5. And even a cheeky pash!

Watch all the awkward meet-cutes below:

Samuel Abrahams on YouTube

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