Meryl Streep Once Again Proves How Awesome She Is With 'August: Osage County' Real-Talk

If you needed any more proof of just how badass Meryl Streep is, it looks like it's your lucky day: During a panel on Monday, Meryl Streep discussed August: Osage County , before she proceeded to stop herself in the middle of a PR-friendly answer to instead say: "Oh, fuck, I’m just going to say what I think because I usually don’t, honestly. We’re in show business and we’re nice and there’s Twitter."


After that, Streep proceeded to reveal that she actually "enjoyed" taking on the cold, rough character of Violet Weston in the film, which is based off of the award-winning play of the same name by Tracy Letts. "There was a great liberation in that character...and there was a frustration in that character of a certain generation of women who had so many avenues shut off," Streep explained.

"She was, probably, great looking, witty, smart, ambitious as hell [in her younger days] — the kind of woman who puts it all in the kids and then the kids inevitably are a disappointment. Because they don’t grow up to be what you wanted to be yourself." Sure enough, the character has been labeled cruel: The New York Times has commented that Streep's performance "may scare her fans," and that poster of Streep getting into a throwdown with Julia Roberts, who plays her daughter, is telling.

Interestingly enough, Streep also commented that she drew from her own background to embody the character of Violet: "It’s something that was already in my body because I was raised by parents who lived in the Depression and were, well my dad [was], very poor. You’re raised in a certain way, you hear these words like 'you have no idea how lucky you are.' [...] You have that in the back of your mind when Violet stands up at the table and says, 'You people had everything given to you.'"

August: Osage County is set to hit theaters on Dec. 25, Christmas day.